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company news about Why can't the barcode scanner scan the barcode?

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Why can't the barcode scanner scan the barcode?
Latest company news about Why can't the barcode scanner scan the barcode?

Why can't the barcode scanner scan the barcode?


Barcode scanners generally cannot scan barcodes. In addition to the unreadable barcodes that may be caused by the hardware failure of the barcode scanner itself, it is often caused by problems such as its own scanning environment or scanning angle. The reasons are summarized below.


1. The recognized barcode has not been opened. For some special scanning network barcodes, the default setting of the barcode scanner is off, so to recognize this type of barcode, you first need to open the barcode type through the setting manual.


2. The barcode itself does not conform to the specification, such as the lack of necessary blank space, the contrast between bars and spaces is too low, the width ratio of bars and spaces is inappropriate, or the barcode printing is blurred, the barcode is incomplete, etc.


3. In strong direct sunlight, the reflected light will also be very strong, making the photosensitive device enter the saturation zone.


4. The scanning distance is too far or too close, beyond the reading range of the scanning gun (the reading range of the red light scanning gun is about 2CM, and the scanning distance of ordinary barcodes by the laser scanning gun should be between 6-25CM).


5. The scanning angle is not well grasped, and the vertical scanning is wrong. Because the surface of the barcode is reflective, the reflected light shines on the mirror in the window of the scanner, which will interfere with the normal decoding of the barcode scanner. The correct scanning angle should be the oblique angle between the scanning gun and the barcode). In the process of using, you may encounter such a situation at the same time. After reading a barcode, the barcode scanner crashes. Due to the protection function of the barcode scanner, if the read barcode data is transmitted incorrectly, it will automatically enter the protection state. Thus preventing data loss. The scanner can be used again if the data that has not been successfully transmitted is read. If this happens, please check the connection and protocol carefully. After confirming that it is correct, turn off the scanner and turn it on again to resume normal use.


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