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company news about Which scanner should a small convenience store choose?

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Company News
Which scanner should a small convenience store choose?
Latest company news about Which scanner should a small convenience store choose?

What kind of barcode scanner is good for small supermarkets?


We know that barcode scanners are generally divided into handheld and platform, so should small supermarkets or convenience stores use handheld or platform? In fact, for small supermarkets, both barcode scanners can be used, but compared with handheld barcode scanners, the scanning platform will be more convenient and easy to use, and the savings will be benefits.


Due to the small scale of small supermarkets, the flow of people is less than that of large supermarkets, so a scanning platform with too high a price is not very economical. So is there an inexpensive scanning platform for small supermarkets to choose?


L600 is a scanning platform we recommend, it is not expensive and has good reviews. He can not only scan traditional commodity paper barcodes or plastic barcodes, but also scan WeChat or Alipay 's screen payment codes. The construction cost of introducing this scanning platform is very low. It can be said that there is almost no need to make additional modifications to the existing cashier system or purchase, sale and storage system in the store. And because of its simple operation mode, users don't need to do any complicated training, just get started very quickly and use it proficiently.


Related features of L600:

1. New decoding chip, interpretation of various 1D&2D barcode

2. Professional technology, can scan WeChat/Alipay bar code

3. Plug and play, simple setup, fast use

4. Power indicator on the botton

5. Wire life more durable

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