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company news about What is a POS system (Point of Sale)?

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What is a POS system (Point of Sale)?
Latest company news about What is a POS system (Point of Sale)?

What is a POS system (Point of Sale)?

The full name of POS is Point of sale, which refers to reading the sales information (such as product name, unit price, etc.) , sales quantity, sales time, etc.), and then record sales information through the Internet and computer systems, collect payment, and provide sales reports that have been analyzed and processed. The existence of POS can greatly improve operating efficiency.

In the early days of the POS system, it was mainly used in the retail industry. There are hundreds to thousands of retail product items. Faced with such a huge product item, the practitioners have to record what is sold every day, then go to the warehouse to take stock, and then check with today's account. This process can take as short as 1 hour and as long as several hours. We can imagine that such a process and method hides many possibilities of missing and criticizing, which is time-consuming and inaccurate. Therefore, when people check out at the counter, they record sales items while collecting money. Relying on this method, although the overall work efficiency can be slightly improved, human errors or cash register errors still bring a lot of trouble to the bosses. With the development of technology for generations, companies began to use computers to assist them. The computer assists in completing this series of tasks, so that both accounts and inventory can be effectively managed, which not only reduces personnel errors, but also allows a better understanding of commodity inventory.


A POS System is the overall hardware and software system used for billing in a POS Store.

1. A display unit to show the billing

2. A keyboard/touchscreen device to select products and enter data

3. Barcode scanner to scan billed bojects

4. A printer to print the receipt

5. Cash register-for storage of cash obtained during sales

6. A software interface to complete the process


A modern retail POS system must have the following characteristics:

1. Respond to the growing number of consumer payment methods

2. Quickly find and hand over BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store) orders

3. Accurately answer all questions from customers about any product

4. Provide advice to customers based on customer purchase records

5. Store employees do not have to stick to the cashier desk, and can provide customers with better services at any location in the store

6. Support transactions via tablet or mobile POS devices

7. Compliant with EMV and PCI requirements

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