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Test method of wireless scanner
Latest company news about Test method of wireless scanner

Test method of wireless scanner


When it comes to wireless scanners, everyone knows that it is different from wired scanners in that it does not have a data cable, but it has an extra base. Before using it, you need to pair the base with the wireless scanner. Why do you need to pair it? Because only after pairing can the data scanned by the scanner be transferred to the computer.


The steps of the test method of the wireless scanner are as follows:


1. Connect one end of the scanner to the base, and the other end to the computer, then the computer will automatically install a driver. Wait for it to finish installing automatically.


2. Use a wireless scanner to scan the barcode on the base, and the pairing is successful. Note: The pairing of wireless scanners may be different depending on the brand. For this, please refer to the manual related to the product.


3. Open a notepad, Word document or Excel and other software with a blinking cursor on the computer, that is, as long as the keyboard can be input, then the wireless scanner can start scanning, and the data will be transmitted to the computer at the same time . If the transmission is successful, the wireless scanner test can be used normally.


The above method and step test is suitable for most wireless scanners, but because each brand is different, the structure and configuration of the scanner may be different. If it is different, you need to follow the introduction of the wireless scanner manual. Another point is , some scanning guns are transmitted in real time, while others are transmitted in batches, that is, after the barcode is scanned, it is transmitted to the computer through the base.

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