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company news about How to choose the right scanner for you

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How to choose the right scanner for you
Latest company news about How to choose the right scanner for you

How to choose the right scanner for you


1. According to the code system to be scanned, if only one-dimensional code is scanned, a general laser scanning gun can be used. If two-dimensional code is scanned, two-dimensional code scanner should be selected. Different bar code types have different requirements for the resolution of the scanner.


2. According to the use occasion, if it is used in a fixed place, you can choose the wired scanner, if it is a mobile occasion, such as supermarket inventory, warehouse tally has a good choice of wireless bar code data collector.


3. According to the type of scanning bar code, if it is sales, CCD semiconductor luminous or laser scanner can be used, if it is used in the warehouse, scanning the outer box code, bar code size, working distance, laser gun is more appropriate.


4. According to the way of use, if the frequency of use is not high, you can choose handheld, if the counter cashier and frequent use, should choose fixed omnidirectional scanning desk, to improve the work efficiency.


5. Choose products at different prices according to the economic situation.

A. Optical resolution determines the clarity of the scanner. A large resolution is only interpolation, which is equivalent to magnifying the scanned picture to several times.

B. It's not that the more expensive the product, the better, but the more expensive the product will use better lenses.

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