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company news about Daily care of barcode scanner

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Daily care of barcode scanner
Latest company news about Daily care of barcode scanner

Daily care of barcode scanner


Barcode scanners are widely used in supermarkets, logistics express delivery, libraries, etc. However, users usually pay little attention to maintaining barcode scanners. If you do not pay attention to the use of barcode scanners in normal use, the life of the scanner may be reduced, so you need to buy a new barcode scanner, which will increase operating costs.


When using the scanner, remember to lock the barcode scanner. The barcode scanning gun contains precision optical technology with optical lens in the application, and this structure is relatively weak and fragile. The barcode scanner usually has the function of locking and unlocking. When using the barcode scanner, it is necessary to lock the optical components in between, so that the optical components in between are not easily damaged. It is only necessary to unlock the lock between the barcode scanners next time, otherwise, it is very likely that the barcode scanners will be broken during the operation due to temporary negligence.


It is enough to set a resolution of 300DPI when using a barcode scanner to scan ordinary documents. The higher the resolution of the barcode scanner, the better, but too high resolution will reduce the recognition rate, because too high resolution will scan the details of the text more carefully, making it easier to identify the defects and shortcomings of the document.


When using the barcode scanner, you should also pay attention to leveling and stability, and do not let the barcode scanner work in a sensational environment. If the barcode scanner is not placed smoothly enough, the barcode scanner needs to consume rated power to find a suitable scanning entry point during the operation, but even then there is no way to ensure the ideal vertical resolution. Also, don't switch the barcode scanner on and off frequently. Switching on and off the barcode scanner frequently is like switching on and off the computer frequently, which is very bad for the scanner itself.


When cleaning the barcode scanner, do not use cleaning solutions with organic solvents, which can prevent damage to the barcode scanner housing and optical components. Try to prevent the barcode scanner from being used in a dusty environment, and ensure the smoothness of the glass of the barcode scanner. Only in this way can the discrimination rate and accuracy of the barcode scanner be ensured. If there is a lot of dust on the glass of the barcode scanner, use the dust-free cloth that usually cleans the camera lens to clean it.


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