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company news about Application scenarios of industrial PDA

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Application scenarios of industrial PDA
Latest company news about Application scenarios of industrial PDA

Application scenarios of industrial PDA

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), also known as PDA, refers to a type of tools that help us complete mobile work, learning, entertainment, etc. in daily life and production. According to different usage purposes, PDA is divided into industrial PDA and consumer PDA. The main difference between the two is that they can be used in harsh industrial environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, dust, humidity, oil pollution, etc. Industrial-grade PDA is mainly used in industrial fields, such as barcode scanners, RFID readers, and POS machines. etc.; There are more types of consumer-grade PDA, including smart phones, tablet computers, handheld game consoles, etc.

The goal of industrial PDA is to be specially designed and developed for application in the industrial field and for work application scenarios. The functional modules of industrial PDA include bluetooth, camera, call, GPS, multi-mode wireless network, data communication, etc., which can be widely used in a variety of harsh environments. At the same time, it also has data acquisition functions such as barcode scanning, radio frequency identification (low frequency LF, high frequency HF, ultra-high frequency UHF), fingerprint identification that consumer PDA does not have, and is widely used in the industrial field.


Logistics express: It is used for logistics warehouse management, transportation management and implementation tracking of items. By scanning the express barcode, the waybill information is directly transmitted to the back-end server through the 3G module, and at the same time, it can realize functions such as query of related business information. In the express delivery link, it can be used to send and receive express delivery.


Manufacturing: It can be used for production line management and warehouse management of manufacturing enterprises; special DPM codes in the fields of automobile manufacturing and machinery can also be read by industrial PDA.


Store retail: It is suitable for chain stores, stores and special counters, which can realize the collection and transmission of data such as invoicing, inventory management, inventory, scheduling, unsubscribe and membership management in stores.


Medical care: It can be applied to medical scenarios such as mobile nurse station, mobile infusion, drug supervision, etc., which helps hospitals to achieve resource integration and process optimization, thereby reducing operating costs and improving service quality and management level.


Three-meter meter reading: Three-meter refers to water meter, electricity meter, gas meter, mainly using the power infrared, data communication and barcode scanning functions of industrial PDA to realize fast meter reading without manual recording.


Mobile government affairs: The technological content of police equipment is getting higher and higher, especially the traffic police, patrol police and criminal police have also begun to be equipped with mobile data equipment, among which the equipment of hand-held terminals provides the police with more powerful tools to execute police affairs. tool. The functions of the handheld terminal used by the mobile police mainly include GPRS/CDMA data, voice communication, IC card reading and writing, and fingerprint collection, comparison, etc. may be required in the future.


Card management: used to manage various IC cards and contactless IC cards, such as identity cards, membership cards, etc. Card management, as the name implies, is to manage various contact/contactless IC cards, so the main extension function of the scanner used is contact/contactless IC card reading and writing.


Patrol point inspection: It can be applied to the patrol point inspection of the equipment, and the detection data of the equipment is transmitted in real time. Industrial PDA tend to be industrialized in both functional modules and performance settings, so they have become important implementers of industrial information management and intelligent hardware applications.

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