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company news about Application scenarios of barcode scanners

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Application scenarios of barcode scanners
Latest company news about Application scenarios of barcode scanners

Application scenarios of barcode scanners


The barcode scanner is a terminal computer equipment that integrates a barcode device and a data terminal. It has a battery and can be operated offline. The barcode scanner has an operating system. In addition to the on-site data collection function, it also has mobile data transmission functions such as WIFI, GPRS, and Bluetooth. As an information processing tool, it has been widely used to help enterprises simplify the operation process, improve operation efficiency, reduce Data error.


1. Logistics express

The barcode scanner integrates the operations of various links such as receiving, sorting, distribution, and dispatching, completes intelligent logistics operations and handling, and collects data in real time and collects it into a consistent information platform. The handling personnel can obtain information in real time through the background and then handle it, supporting users to query logistics tracking information, and enterprises to grasp the location of couriers and the progress of delivery.


2. Manufacturing

The use of barcode scanners can easily fulfill the needs of quality traceability, process error prevention, production process transparency, performance data statistical analysis, and production cost management in the manufacturing industry, helping production-oriented enterprises to save costs and improve efficiency. The barcode scanner supports the identification of DPM codes, and is suitable for industries such as cars and machinery that need to use DPM codes.


3. Store retail

Barcode scanners are used in chain stores, stores, and special counters, which can complete the collection and transmission of data such as invoicing, inventory, scheduling, unsubscribe and membership processing in stores. The barcode scanner can transmit the sales data of the store to the headquarters in real time to provide the basis for replenishment, and enterprises can also grasp the sales data in various places to formulate strategies in time.


4. Bill handling

The barcode scanning gun can be used for ticket checking and ticket checking. The barcode scanning gun can scan for efficient and high-speed ticket checking operations.


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